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About Healing Arts Chiropractic

Dr. Kevin Paape moved to Fargo because of the large community. When the chance came to purchase an existing practice here, he knew he had made the right decision. He opened Healing Arts Chiropractic at this location in 2003 to bring chiropractic wellness to an area where he saw a need.

Even though Fargo is the largest city in the state, we make an effort to get to know our patients and their families. We want everyone to discover the difference chiropractic can make in their lives.

In 2019, we opened our Wahpeton location to bring more health and wellness to the town. While a smaller area, it’s a thriving and growing community in need of a wellness based clinic.

In January 2022, our third location opened in West Fargo, and it is ready to go in a community experiencing a lot of growth. This new practice will provide much needed chiropractic service to the area.

Our Mission

Our mission is to continue reaching out to our ever expanding community to serve others and help our communities realize what true health and wellness are.

We care for infants to elderly, and everyone in between. Caring for our community one family at a time. Helping restore wellness one family at a time.

A Hands-on Approach

Everything in the body is connected through the nervous system. Our approach is holistic—we don’t simply fix one thing or treat individual symptoms. We take the time to find the root of your pain and correct it.

You’re not just a number to us; we’re invested in your family’s health and well-being. When your nervous system is out of balance, it can affect any part of your body. Through adjustments, we restore that balance and allow your body to heal itself.

Once you’re healed, we’ll help you stay that way with wellness care. Whatever you want to achieve, we’re here to help.

Questions? We Have Answers!

Patient satisfaction is important to us; we want you to feel comfortable in our practice. Please contact any member of our staff with your questions and concerns. Contact us today for your free consultation.

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