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Our mission is to continue reaching out to our ever expanding community with the sole purpose of servicing others and helping our communities realize what true health and wellness is. We thank you for choosing Healing Arts Chiropractic for your chiropractic wellness care!

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I had tried everything from gums, patches, pills and vitamins to cold turkey, chew music and candy. I always thought that I could only have 1 and be okay after a long dry spell. With Dr. Paape, I haven’t had the urge nearly as bad as I used to with the other methods. Even when I do now, I know deep down that I am no longer a smoker so smoking won’t do “it” for me anymore. I am so glad I heard of Dr. Paape’s methods before it was too late. Many men in my family died in their 40’s due to cancer, heart disease, etc. I quit at 24 and I know that this time is for good. Thanks Dr. Paape! Good luck to all newcomers. You can do it.



For the last 10 plus years I have been dealing with a constant ache/pain in my ankle along with swelling. The swelling was so bad at times that I could not get my shoes on, or if I had shoes on, my feet would literally swell over the top of the shoes. I had doctored for this many times, ultrasound, physical therapy, and surgical socks. I had tried everything that the doctors suggested, but nothing worked. My daughter had been seeing Dr. Paape, so I decided to give chiropractic services a try. After 3 visits, the pain/ache that I had lived with for several years was gone. The swelling had gone down a lot. I was able to get shoes on that I had not worn in years. I only wish that I had done this years earlier.



After years of headaches (3-4 per week)-including migraines to the point of vomiting and vision loss, my wife encouraged me to visit a chiropractor. (I had tried medication in the past with no luck). I was skeptical at first, but I had nothing to lose. It’s been one year since my first visit with Dr. Paape and I can honestly say I have been headache free since my first visit or two. Not one headache or migraine. Who would have known it could be this simple!

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