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The Results of a WebMD Study of 2 Million Patients On The Satisfaction Rate of Chiropractic:


Chiropractic Success Rate


C1: Blood supply to the head, pituitary gland, scalp, facial bones, brain, inner ear, middle ear, sympathetic nervous system, and eyes

C2: Eyes, optic nerves, auditory nerves, sinuses, mastoid bones, tongue, forehead, and heart

C3: Cheeks, outer ear, face, bones, teeth, trifacial, and lungs


C4: Nose, lips, mouth, eustachian, tube, mucous membranes, and lungs

C5: Vocal cords, neck glands, and pharynx

C6: Neck muscles, shoulders, and tonsils

C7: Thyroid gland, elbows, and bursae in the shoulders


T1: Arms, elbows, wrist, hands, fingers, esophagus, trachea, and heart

T2: Heart, hear valves, and coverings, coronary arteries, lungs, and bronchial tubes

T3: Lungs, bronchial tubes, pleura, chest, breast, and heart

T4: Gallbladder, lungs, heart, common duct, and bronchial tubes


T5: Liver, solar plexus, general circulation, heart, esophagus, and stomach

T6: Stomach, esophagus, peritoneum, and duodenum

T7: Pancreas, duodenum, liver, spleen, stomach, gallbladder, and peritoneum


T8: Spleen, Stomach, liver, pancreas, gallbladder, adrenal cortex, small intestine, and pyloric valve

T9: Adrenal cortex, pancreas, gallbladder, ovaries, uterus, and small intestine

T10: Kidneys, appendix, testes, uterus, adrenal cortex, spleen, pancreas, and large intestine


T11: Kidneys, ureters, large intestine, urinary bladder, adrenal medulla, adrenal cortex, uterus, ovaries, and ileocecal valve

T12: Small intestine, lymph circulation, large intestine, urinary bladder, uterus, kidneys, and ileocecal valve.


L1: Large intestine, inguinal rings, and uterus

L2: Appendix, abdomen, upper leg, and urinary bladder

L3: Sex organs, uterus, bladder, knees, prostate, and large intestine

L4: Prostate gland, muscles of the lower back, and sciatic nerve

L5: Lower legs, ankles, feet, and prostate


Sacrum: Hip bones, buttocks, rectum, sex organs, genitalia, urinary bladder, ureter, and prostate

Coccyx: Rectum and anus

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Chiropractic Success Rate

  • Average Life Span In 1900: 49
  • Average Life Span Today: 77.6

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Patient Testimontials

For the last 10 plus years I have been dealing with a constant ache/pain in my ankle along with swelling. The swelling was so bad at times that I could not get my shoes on, or if I had shoes on, my feet would literally swell over the top of the shoes. I had doctored for this many times, ultrasound, physical therapy, and surgical socks. I had tried everything that the doctors suggested, but nothing worked. My daughter had been seeing Dr. Paape, so I decided to give chiropractic services a try. After 3 visits, the pain/ache that I had lived with for several years was gone. The swelling had gone down a lot. I was able to get shoes on that I had not worn in years. I only wish that I had done this years earlier.


After my son Eastin was born, I started noticing how difficult it was for him to burp. He was very fussy, more so in the evenings and would cry for hours. I heard chiropractic helps colic babies and therefore made an appointment to see the chiropractor Dr. Paape. After the first appointment we noticed an immediate difference. Eastin had a much easier time burping and having a bowel movement. He even slept for five hours that night. After the third visit, an amazing difference in is health ad been achieved. He is now a happy baby…thanks to Dr. Paape. I would recommend Dr. Paape to anyone who is having problems with their child, as it has made a difference in our lives and our child’s life.

Wyatt is doing great! He just turned 8 months old. He is perfect-just needs to sleep a little more at night. Ha ha. Mid July that gas problem just quit, one day it was gone. His dad who made fun of it at the time is convinced (and tells everyone so) that the chiropractic treatments did the job! He says it was the best $60 I ever spent. I continued to nurse and did not use the soy formula that my doctor suggested. Thank you for your help and support.


My name is Jennifer. I am 22 years old. I have suffered from chronic headaches for as long as I can remember. The pain would vary in intensity from day to day, but for the most part it would be a constant, dull ache. I started doctoring for my headaches when I was in the 8th grade. The countless numbers of doctors that checked me were stumped when trying to relieve my symptoms. They had checked me for just about everything, from CAT scans to allergy tests. Finally, after numerous years of constant, chronic pain, I have my life back again. I have been virtually headache free for about a month now and I owe it all to chiropractic care. Who knew that all it would take was simple chiropractic treatments. I had tried going to a chiropractor previously, with no success. So when I came to Healing Arts Chiropractic, I was a little skeptical. But, they restored my faith and assured me that they could make a difference with my head aches. After a month and a half of treatments, I feel like a new Person! If chiropractic care can help me, it can help just about anyone! Thanks so much!


I’ve always been pretty healthy. Three years ago I was deployed to Iraq. I wore a lot of heavy armor and was involved in a car crash. When I got home I started having headaches and neck pains. An x-ray at the VA revealed that my c-spine was straight. I couldn’t turn my head very far to the left or right, and if I tipped it back it would “catch” on something and I would be in severe pain. In July I saw Dr. Paape after being referred by another guard friend who had good success with him. He told m the plan and what was going on in my neck. I had phase one of the subluxation degeneration. Four months later, I’m still going every two weeks, but I’m headache free and can rotate my head like normal again. I really noticed the change about a month ago. Thank you Dr. Paape.


After years of headaches (3-4 per week)-including migraines to the point of vomiting and vision loss, my wife encouraged me to visit a chiropractor. (I had tried medication in the past with no luck). I was skeptical at first, but I had nothing to lose. It’s been one year since my first visit with Dr. Paape and I can honestly say I have been headache free since my first visit or two. Not one headache or migraine. Who would have known it could be this simple!


When I first met Dr. Paape, I was experiencing extreme migraine headaches every day. I told him about the severity of my pain, which was due to a nearly fatal car accident 3 years previous, and he said he could help. I informed him that I ad been to many chiropractors and my symptoms never improved. He said that he could show me improvement was possible, so I took a chance on him. After the first 3 months of getting adjusted by him, my migraines, neck and back pain had dropped down to minimal headaches. Now it has been 7 months and I experience very little to no migraines or pain. Dr. Paape and I working together on my pain management has helped me to achieve a euphoria I had given up on finding until I met him. There is not enough days or ways I could find to thank him in this life. I appreciate every appointment that we have. Thank you so much!


The best day of the week is Wednesday for that is the day I come for my treatment from Dr. Kevin. He has helped me avoid carpal tunnel surgery and I thank him for that. I was encourage to get medical surgery for both hands before I decided to try chiropractic services. It has worked. Dr. Kevin is also trained to treat my knees. I’ve had arthroscopy done at different times on my knees, but with arthritis the pain is starting to come back. I also had a recent accidental injury on my right knee and Dr. Kevin has helped that with his treatment. Also, is cheerful attitude has helped me to mentally deal with my problems. I highly recommend his services to anyone who needs help. His whole staff is pleasant to be around. It sure makes a difference in wanting to come in.


I had tried everything from gums, patches, pills and vitamins to cold turkey, chew music and candy. I always thought that I could only have 1 and be okay after a long dry spell. With Dr. Paape, I haven’t had the urge nearly as bad as I used to with the other methods. Even when I do now, I know deep down that I am no longer a smoker so smoking won’t do “it” for me anymore. I am so glad I heard of Dr. Paape’s methods before it was too late. Many men in my family died in their 40’s due to cancer, heart disease, etc. I quit at 24 and I know that this time is for good. Thanks Dr. Paape! Good luck to all newcomers. You can do it.


Last October I was diagnosed with scoliosis. As an alternative treatment, I was referred to Dr. Paape. At the initial treatment he explained about what scoliosis was, and how it can be effectively treated using chiropractic techniques. He then proceeded to show me how I can also help by doing exercises at home on my own. At first, Dr. Paape started me off at three appointments a week. Gradually, he then moved me down to twice a week. Soon after that, once a week. After a time, it become even less frequent. I would only see him once every two to three weeks. Then on July 3rd I saw a spinal expert who x-rayed me and looked over them with me. He gave me the great news that my spine had moved six degrees. Without my chiropractor, Dr. Paape, I don’t think that the accomplishment would have ever been possible.


Chiropractic Will Help You Feel Better

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